This business woman will blow you away! Kala Kilshaw – Laing is an entrepreneur with a pioneering and deeply personal approach to her businesses. In 2007 Kala upgraded her role as hair salon manager and regional product educator of an international hair brand to co-owner and Director of SDL Hair Ltd, a leading importer and distributor of professional hair care products. Kala and her team then masterminded EGO Professional appliances and introduced them into the UK in 2009. Kala is evangelical about the benefits of her unique ‘Tourmaline Technology’ which harnesses the properties of semi-precious stones to literally build condition and shine into every hair as it styles.

It’s that personal passion that caught the eye of QVC and invited Kala to bring EGO appliances to the small screen. Warm, approachable and real…Kala doesn’t just understand her target market, she’s part of it! Kala is now a regular presenter and sells the equivalent of an appliance per second during QVC slots. EGO is listed on www.egoprofessional.com and available in professional salons throughout the UK.

Kala is an experienced interviewee and can provide comment on subjects including: hair care, hair colour, hair styling, business growth in the UK, women in business, business entrepreneurship, export for UK brands.